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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Shriram Automall- Used Tractor Buying Guide!


Tractors in India are a major industry and significant contributor to its agriculture output gains. Tractors are an integral part of mechanization and have a crucial role to play in increasing agricultural productivity. Indian tractor industry is relatively young but now has become the largest market worldwide.

According to industry sources, the tractor market is expected to clock among the highest segment growth in the automotive industry this financial year. Tractor marketers say the growth trot is already visible in the first quarter which places tractors among the top growth driven sectors in the auto industry.

Being in the agriculture business I understand how important it is to get the tractor that’s right for your needs. The right tractor can help you manage ongoing tasks on your farm or land and can streamline your entire operation. 

That’s where Shriram Automall helped me. Since the time I have come across Shriram Automall; my life has become so easy. Being into the industry since 20 years I believe it is so essential to get the right equipment for your needs but it is not always possible to afford it. In that case, platforms like Shriram Automall, which is the largest player in the market for providing pre-owned vehicles and equipment in good quality and at negotiable rates, help you to make the most informed decision possible.

Shriram Automall has made the complete process so easy and accessible by providing us large number of inventories at a single place and by providing easy financing options. Their bidding events follow an organized procedure where in we can visit nearest Automall to inspect a range of pre-owned tractors. Not only this, they also enhance the reach of pre-owned tractors through their online bidding process which can be used while sitting anywhere in the globe.

I am glad to be associated with this group. Their quality of work has demonstrated that they are the best service provider for exchange of used tractor in the market, with a presence in both physical and online bidding platforms. They help me in searching the right tractor while achieving the high quality and safety standards.

 So, if you too are looking forward to buy or sell your pre-owned vehicles or equipment, Shriram Automall is right choice which provides you best of their services while making your experience both easy and comfortable.

Click this link: http://bit.ly/2c2UwQN



Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL) which is India’s Largest Platform for exchange of pre-owned vehicles and equipment is also the name synonym for world class customer experience. Customers who are already a part of SAMIL on one hand are taking benefit of company’s unique & transparent bidding platform and on the other hand are experience the best customer services across the country.

As and when a new customer visit his/her nearest Automall to acquire his desired pre-owned vehicle, he is greeted with a customer service executive who not only explains them about the process but also guides them on how to emerge as the highest bidder and win the vehicle they are looking for.

As SAMIL offers the most extensive line up of used commercial vehicle, construction equipment, cars, tractors, two & three wheelers, the Automall witness diverse crowd with diverse requirements who are required to be handled in a different manner altogether.

At Shriram Automall we do not believe in cold sales but in starting a relation that will nurture throughout so that a customer becomes a part of our extended family and his word of mouth promotion helps us to acquire more & more customers in an effective manner.” Sameer Malhotra, CEO Shriram Automall

Also to help the children of our customers to continue their education in a hassle free manner, SAMIL offers scholarship to students who are studying in between 8-12th Class.

 “We always look forward to take part in Shriram Automall’s bidding events as they offers the best range of pre-owned cars at optimal price, also the facility of finance through Shriram Transport Finance Company helps us to get the solution for our pre-owned vehicle requirement under one roof.” Gunjan Sethi – Customer

Meanwhile if you are looking to buy a pre-owned vehicle or equipment, head straight to Shriram Automall and let us help you acquire the vehicle of your dream.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Things Girls should consider before Buying a Used Two-wheeler


It’s no new news that, India while overtaking China has emerged as the world's biggest market for two-wheelers. As a total of 17.7 million two-wheelers were sold here last year, that's over 48,000 units every day.

The need for mobility is very large in India, and country is also has one of the fastest developing economies in the world. Easier finance options, newer and more fuel-efficient models, rising incomes have only added to the push even as new business models, such as e-commerce, also help purchases.

Two-wheelers are increasingly becoming the second vehicles in the household, and women plays quite an important role in making India the world's biggest market for two-wheelers, as women today is independent and look forward to comfort and style in everything they own – whether it’s a pair of shoes or conveyance for commuting to various places they desire.

Therefore, many players in the industry have started dealing in used two-wheelers. But Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL), being the only and No.1 Service Provider of Used Vehicles & Equipment in the country has bought huge variety of two-wheelers of every make and model at optimal prices.

Company understands that, buying a used two-wheeler isn’t as easy as it sounds. So, here are quite a few things you need to consider when buying a used two-wheeler.

Take a look at 10 things you must look for while buying a used two-wheeler:

Auto start button
Location of service center
Style & Color

Buying a used two-wheeler is a smart move as it saves you money, and let you acquire the better model at low cost. Now choose the right for you at optimal prices.

Hot Models In Demand for Women:

Honda Activa
TVS Scooty Pep Plus
Honda Dio
Hero Honda Pleasure
TVS Wego

If you are looking forward to buy or sell used vehicles, equipment or vehicles compliant with latest government emission norms, SHRIRAM AUTOMALL is the best place to come to. Visit your nearest Automall or download MySAMIL APP” to go through their latest inventory filled with used vehicles of every make & model. You can also click the link below to simply register yourself.

How has the equipment sector benefitted from the record growth in Infrastructure

Infrastructure sector is a key driver for the Indian economy. For propelling India’s overall development, sector is highly responsible, thereby enjoys intense focus from Government for initiating policies that would ensure time-bound creation of world class infrastructure in the country.

 Government of India while paving the way for a better quality of life and a rapid rise in gross domestic product (GDP), is looking forward to focus on the infrastructure of the country for further growth. As country’s infrastructure holds the key to potential India.

As outlined in the next Five Year Plan (FYP), Infrastructure is one of the plan's primary areas for spending, with about Rs 31 trillion (US$ 454.83 billion) earmarked for investment with 70 % of funds needed for power, roads and urban infrastructure segments.

Construction equipment sector of the country being the earthmoving industry, thereby has already clocked a growth rate of over 40%, in the last six months. According to a top official at JCB India, Construction equipment segment has already witnessed a robust growth in the first half of this calendar year.

For constructing infrastructure that government is planning, huge investments in the equipments has been made resulting in demand hike of both used and new construction equipments.

Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL), with its widely spanning 68 Well Established Automalls & 150+ Bidding Locations, in both rural and urban areas, provides huge range of used construction apparatus of every make and model at optimal prices, making it easy for the Dealers to acquire or dispose used equipments, in any nearby Automall with ease and convenience.

If you as well are looking forward to acquire or dispose used vehicle & equipment, SAMIL is the best & no.1 choice. All you have to do to experience deals through their innovative bidding platforms, is to click the link below to register yourself, you can also download “MY SAMIL App” and easily go through the vast inventory at your comfort.

Thursday, 22 June 2017

SAMIL helps to grow Indian Second Hand Trucking Industry!


The trucking industry is an integral part of the Indian economy. As in India, driving a truck is also a profession which directly affects Indian economy. 

With the expansion of truck market, used truck market in India is also expanding at the remarkable speed especially when government is boosting on-road worth of trucks in long run through latest rules and regulations. 

Government is taking all the necessary steps for the betterment of Road Transport in India. With AC & BS IV emission norms being mandatory, manufacturers now are focused to woo buyers, by adding upgraded technology in upcoming new models of Trucks.

All these new upgrades, new advance look & technology in the upcoming trucks will attract the customers resulting in increased demand of these trucks & thus it will lead to rise in the demand for used truck as well.

While focusing majorly on the truck demand in the country, Shriram Automall is launching the entire pre-ownedtruck bazaar through its exclusive app Onestoptrucks.in.

This application works as search engine for used trucks where one can get details of thousands of listed used trucks and also it offers the simplest way for to sell the trucks by registering them online. This facility aims to make both buying and selling used trucks from anywhere and everywhere easy & convenient.

Benefits of Onestoptrucks.in:
  • BUY & SELL: Makes buying & selling of Used Trucks simple and comfortable.
  • EASY TRUCK RESEARCH: Explore all the details for used trucks like specs & model by accessible search engine.
  • WIDE RANGE: Provides many options for used truck inventory.
  • COMPARE TRUCKS: Compare features, price, mileage etc. to reach a logical conclusion.
  • VALUATION:  Helps to determine the current value of your Truck.
  • EASY FINANCE: Assist in buying the vehicle.
  • ONLINE INSURANCE: Apply for insurance for any vehicle online.

So, if you are looking forward to buy or sell your pre-owned truck, Shriram Automall is right choice which provides you best of their services while making your experience both easy and comfortable.