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Shriram Automall - The Winner of 2 Prestigious Awards at BAM 2016.

We thank our customers for their continued support.:)

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Thursday, 29 September 2016


Of all the machines in the earthmoving world, bulldozers, particularly large ones may have the greatest variation when it comes to owning and operating costs. Steady maintenance is key factor to keep the dozers in optimum condition irrespective of the age of the equipment, geographical and weather conditions. Age is the most important thing which acts upon the performance of a dozer. If you have purchased a used dozer, you have to take extra care. As a used dozer has undergone wear and tear for many years, its level of performance automatically comes down. Proper care of the undercarriage can significantly minimize maintenance costs, increase uptime and impact the longevity of the dozer.

You may have faced problems with the performance of your old dozer many times and at the same time, you cannot stop using this construction equipment as it plays a major role in a construction site. So, why not spend some time in maintaining your dozer properly.

Tips to maintain a dozer properly

  • Checkups for steady repair - Regular checkups of the dozer are essential to ensure a good working condition. You should change the oil and other fluids in a systematic interval. If you keep your dozer in extremely wet climatic condition, it will damage more quickly. It is because rust will form rapidly on the important parts of the machine. In case of used dozers, the chains, bolts and the undercarriage should be checked to detect the damaged parts.
  • Cleaning of the track frame – To work in muddy conditions especially in winter freezes the mud on the track frame of the dozer. Therefore, you cannot ignore cleaning off the mud while the equipment is still warm. Use a track spade which perfectly fits into the gap between the track and the frame making the work of cleaning smoother for you. After cleaning, park the dozer either in the snow or on aged tires.
  • Maintenance of Electrical system – Proper maintenance of electrical system which consists of batteries and wires should not be overlooked. Their periodical checkup is necessary to avoid short circuit. Replace the damage or old battery instantly once you detect them. Your wire should be good enough with an efficient fuse system.
Used Construction Equipment can be easily acquired by connecting with Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL), the leader in the industry of pre-owned vehicles. SAMIL provides customers with wide range of used construction equipment and commercial & non-commercial vehicles. Online bidding along with physical bidding options are available from where customers can easily purchase their desired pre-owned vehicles.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Common Traffic Violation Rules

Here are some of the common traffic violation rules, breaking them will attract heavy fines.
Exclusively brought to you by Shriram Automall – India’s Largest Service Provider for Exchange of Used Vehicles & Equipment.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016


Having a car of one’s own choice is a dream of many but before owning the car, you must know what lies in store for you. Maintaining a car is far more difficult than it is looked upon as. From regular servicing to regularly conducting specific checks of different parts of car, a car requires your complete attention. If you don’t care for your car, it might not work right in future. As you spend significant amount it is essential to take care of it and one of the ways for this is to manage to get a better fuel economy. It is important to save fuel so that the car performs better and also a lot of your money is saved. Don't worry any further; here is an auto guide for car owners on how to save fuel and get better fuel economy. Irrespective of petrol or diesel cars, this guide will be of great help. People can save a lot of money and it will help in keeping the environment pollution-free as well.

Do not run engine idle for long – Stop running your engine idly for a long period so that you don’t burn the excessive fuel. If you are stuck in traffic or waiting for someone, just switch off your engine. A lot of fuel will be saved and you can drive for many more kilometers without spending any more money.

Engine Tuning – Always keep your engine tuned up and keep it in better condition so that you don’t have to shed a large sum of money when problem comes up later. It is important to keep the engine in a better condition. Never ignore the regular check-ups and maintenance. The air filter should be dirt free & never hesitate to replace the dirty air filter to avoid damaging the engine.

Tire Pressure – You must ensure that the pressure level of the tire regularly. Check that if the pressure level is up to desired level or not because less or more pressure will only use extra fuel and engine will not give the best performance. Always check the air pressure to keep a check on fuel consumption.

Do not carry over weight – If you are going for a long journey ensure that you give the utmost attention to the point that you should avoid carrying excessive weight with yourself. A car that is loaded with unnecessary weight consumes more fuel & has the negative impact on the mileage.

Less use of Air Conditioner – Everybody knows this fact but doesn’t follow, that keeping the air conditioner switched on for a long time leads to more fuel consumption.  One should constantly monitor and keep the ac off after the sufficient cooling has been done.

Drive carefully and consciously – Don't develop any habits of sudden acceleration, heavy or hard braking. Brakes should be used appropriately and one should drive smoothly & efficiently. This will help to keep the brakes pad in the healthy state.

These tips will definitely help you to save a lot of fuel and money. This auto guide will prove to be very helpful and handy.

You can own a used car and save a lot of money. Connect with Shriram Automall India Limited and acquire a used car that is economical and will prove to be very useful. Acquisition and disposal of used cars, commercial vehicles and equipment is very simple, quick and convenient process. 

Saturday, 24 September 2016

SAMIL, The Reselling Giant of Used Vehicle & Equipment

When you think about buying and selling your used vehicle or equipment you think about Shriram Automall and that is the change that the company has been able to bring in the industry and society within a span of just 5 years.

Connectivity along with complete trust is what the company has been able to serve through its 60+ well structured Automalls covering the entire country. Whether you are looking to buy or sell a used truck, construction equipment, car, tractor, two-wheeler or a three-wheeler, SAMIL has become the only place where customers like to visit to inspect from a wide range of inventory.

Hundreds of vehicles are sourced for every single event to select and bid upon. Customers feel happy to come and interact with the team to take idea on which vehicle to choose as per their business requirement.

Many people got their lives transformed after connecting with Shriram Automall India Limited, and succeeded in their businesses. In order to make dealings more efficient, Shriram Automall ensured to instigate these ground-breaking solutions of easy facilitation of Disposal and Acquisition of vehicles and Equipment. One of the customer that has been associated with Shriram Automall since a long time shared his experience of how stepped up the ladder of success after coming into the contact with the company.

 Clients Say:
“We are exceptionally happy with our decision to enter a tie up with Shriram Automall. Now we are in a comfortable position in parking and disposing of used vehicles in a very orderly manner. Shriram Automall is playing a perfect role in organizing the used vehicle market in the country. With SAMIL’s professional services we are able to get a very reasonable price for our vehicles within a short time in a hassle free manner”, said one of our esteemed clients in the baking & financial sector.

Customers Say:
“It was a great experience to be present at SAMIL’s physical bidding event and purchasing the used car I was looking for at an optimal price. I think I will now visit you more often.”

Thursday, 22 September 2016


What if you want to own a second hand vehicle but don’t have enough money, so what are your options? Simple you look out for various vehicle finance companies for your vehicle, but do you have sufficient information about second hand vehicle loans and finance?

It is always recommended to polish your skills on used weapons and then go for the new ones – the saying is finding an apt application in vehicle segment of India today. Most of new drivers prefer to opt for pre-owned vehicles before investing huge money in new one. Though, acquiring financial help for used vehicles is nothing less than headache at present. There are 2 factors that play a vital role in pre-owned vehicle loans and they are vehicles age & the model. In India, people availing pre-owned vehicle financing options have to pay 3% more than the amount they are required to pay for latest vehicles. And, lastly, there is more chance that you may not get the complete value of the vehicle as loan.

As per norms, used vehicle loan is granted only when age of the vehicle and loan’s tenure do not go beyond 7 years in combined manner. Thus, if you are planning to get loan for 5 years, the age of your vehicle should not exceed two years in any condition. If you need a loan for 3 years, than the age must not exceed 4 years and the same is applicable for lesser years.
For used financing in India, there are two types of financial bodies available that can help you in this cause: banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFC’s).
You can benefit by connecting with Organised Dealer
Today you have enormous options available in market for you to choose from among the second-hand vehicles. And along with the vehicle many options of organised service providers are also available. These service providers source the vehicles, & put them up for sale.

Moreover most of the banks & NBFCs are at ease while financing a vehicle through an organised service provider because of the due vehicleeful checks done by them, which reduces the financiers' risk.

What we suggest you today is to connect with Shriram Automall, which solves both of your problem. Shriram Automall India Limited is the leading service provider in used vehicle industry and provides services from Parking to disposal, from acquisition to finance and Insurance Services. Being a wholly subsidiary of Shriram Transport Finance Company, Shriram Automall also provides assistance in getting instant loan from STFC on used vehicles & other equipment. Having a large inventory of Used Vehicles and equipment, Shriram Automall provide customers with nothing but the best  through its unique and Transparent mode of dealings i.e. Bidding Events.