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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Pre-Owned Two Wheelers’ Market in India and the Outlook Ahead

The pre-owned two wheeler’s market in India is increasingly gaining popularity and the outlook ahead seems bright with media reports suggesting a significant rise in sales by the year 2020. The predictions haven’t gone unnoticed by the market players and thus, the industry can expect the entry of multiple new brands investing in the two wheelers segment in the near future. Although, this is good news for buyers in terms of having a wider frame to choose from, it isn’t going to be exactly easy for the fresh players entering the zone because of the thriving competition. They will need to make their presence felt strongly and engage with the target audience adequately to give better solutions after gaining understanding of their specific pain points. They will need to develop an outstanding recall value well to make their mark and get ahead of the competition.

The existing dealers for the used two-wheelers will also be gearing up to take strategic advantage of this changing economic condition by catering the best of the value added services to their customers and also providing improved second-hand vehicles to give a thrust to their individual sales. However, both the new as well as existing players will get serious competition from the online portals, which usually offer great deals and the ease of purchase to the customers. Thereafter, many dealers may actually enter into a tie-up with some of the recognized online portals to promote their sales figures and capture the market at large.

The growth of the two wheeler sector is primarily driven by the increasingly tough traffic conditions on roads but also because of the immense variety available with frequent launches of varied make and models. Though, we live in a scenario where customer preferences are often class conscious but practicality demands the feasible option of two wheelers as a necessity considering the rising pollution levels, traffic jams, lack of parking space and the increasing road rage of getting your expensive hot wheels bumped. All this accounts for a major rise in the used two wheelers sales with customers going after the more realistic alternatives for their day to day convenience.

While looking for the purchase of pre-owned two-wheelers, the most trustworthy name which strikes instantly is that of Shriram Automall. It pioneers as a service provider for the exchange of used vehicles and equipment through varied transparent and professionally organized platforms. It serves as your one stop solution for buying and selling of used vehicles and equipment in a systematic and fair manner.

In case you or an acquaintance is on the lookout to purchase or dispose any kind of used vehicles in India, simply submityour requirement and get a quick call back from Shriram Automall to assist you further. 

Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Shriram Automall Hiring

#ShriramAutomall India Limited (SAMIL) has the multiple job openings for the following profiles. If you think you have the passion for and can match up to the requirements of the positions given herein, please get in touch with us at the contact number/ email id as mentioned.

A First Timer’s Dilemma When Buying a Pre-Owned Car and the Points to Consider

As they say, there’s always a first time for everything and which often proves to be a rather tricky for the first timer. When doing anything for the very first time, there are some hesitations as well as confusions and one is also faced many uncertainties as it is something which you haven’t done for real ever before, even though you might be knowing enough about it through varied sources. Similarly, buying a car for the first time can be rather tricky for an individual and specially, when you have decided to invest in a pre-owned car. It is also another thing that whether to buy a new or a used vehicles is another dilemma altogether in its own.

While there may be definite advantages of going for a brand new vehicle, it certainly doesn’t fit every bill; for some, buying a pre-owned vehicle can prove to be better call while for others, they can’t even afford to get hands a new one and so, a secondhand one is the only option. There are numerous benefits of buying a pre-owned vehicle, being affordable and much cheaper in comparison to the new one being the primary reason. These days, the market is flooded with a humongous collection of all makes and models available in the pre-owned segment and one is spoilt for choice. Moreover, there are a variety of options available for every individual with a different money range, so as to suit the pocket of one and all. Thus, if one can buy the same car, same make and model, at a higher price as well as lower price, barring the quality and model year.

However, while making a deal on any pre-owned vehicle, it is imperative to be consider a few factors in mind, particularly, for the entrants in the field who are not unaware of the automotive world to a great extent. The factors included are:

1.       Research- Ample research is the key to cracking a sure shot deal, be it from the internet or through certain personal sources, it is important to know all the details as well as technicalities well in advance. Knowing your market, the prevailing trends and prices helps a lot in making a sound judgment.

2.     Keep your Options- Variety is the spice of life, is often said by many; it definitely holds true as keeping your options open and then choosing sensibly and calmly from amongst them is better than just going directly for the first and later, regretting on seeing other options. Make yourself rest assured that you are taking the right call and not one in haste.

3.        Multiple Trials- It is extremely vital to take a proper trial of the vehicle before buying and go into all the essential details, not only by yourself but also doing the second visit with an expert of your trust and not related to the seller. This way you can be sure of an honest and sound opinion with you.

4.    Suitable Pricing- Ensure that you quote a final price only after discussion with an expert, a knowledgeable friend or acquaintance and not just randomly. It often happens that a good deal goes away because of random price quotations given earlier and then backing out later for a lower cost. Not only you come across as confused and not sincere to the dealer but also make the process rather tedious.

Keeping these vital pointers in mind while making your first time purchase of a pre-owned vehicle is highly advisable for attaining better results. So, get set go and make that desirable and otherwise unaffordable car yours today!

In case you or an acquaintance is on the lookout for buying or selling of pre-owned vehicles and equipment, you have reached the right platform, a one stop solution to address all your similar requirements. Shriram Automall is a pioneer in providing a magnificent variety of pre-owned vehicles and equipments for years now, the trusted name customers rely on. 

Monday, 21 November 2016

Indian Auto After-market on a Growth Revival Mode

The Indian Auto after-market, though a secondary market of the automotive industry primarily related to the varied functionalities of all the vehicle parts and accessories after the sale of the automobile, stands equally important to the automotive industry. The after-market forms the basis of the auto industry as a whole and as per the latest media reports, it is expected to enter into the double-digit growth curve in the near future after its negative state of no growth in the past couple of years.

The industry data suggests that while presently the Indian auto after-market, inclusive of all its categories, sizes at approx. USD 7 million dollars, it is expected to achieve a growth of about 10-12 per cent going ahead, provided the anticipated growth rates remain. Now that the scenario is changing fast for the Indian auto market and there is sufficient vehicle populace in the country, these predictions on the after-market growth rates seem acceptable despite the technological changes incurred as well as the less important repair trend in the auto industry.

In the past 2-3 years, the utilization levels of vehicles were not adequate so as to drive in progress for the auto after-market and that’s what majorly reasons for the slow to no growth of the industry. Also, with the upcoming changes in the wake of new trends, advanced technology and the rising digital influence, the auto after-market is predicted to be undergoing enormous changes in accordance. Moreover, for the industry to function smoothly, the after-market ecosystem would require support with the technology, investment, OEMs and the auto parts markers to cover the gap created in vehicle servicing.   

There are numerous players in the industry dealing with the restoration services for the vehicles sold, who will also be witnessing ample progress in the arena corresponding to these latest growth hike reports. Shriram Automall is one such recognized player in the market, which is primarily a service provider of pre-owned vehicles and equipment yet also provides its allied services for repairing, known as ‘Refurbishment by New Look’. The company facilitates refurbishment of pre-ownedvehicles and equipment through an efficient repairing process, providing the best price realization on assets.   

In case you or your acquaintance is on the lookout for such refurbishment services or are interested with the buying or selling of pre-owned vehicles and equipment, rest assured that you have reached the right platform, a one stop solution to address all your similar requirements. Shriram Automall is a pioneer in providing a magnificent variety of pre-owned vehicles and equipments for years now, the trusted name customers rely on. 

 If  you are looking to purchase any kind of used vehicles in India, simply submit your requirement and get a call back from Shriram Automall to assist you further.

Saturday, 19 November 2016


Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL), India’s leading service provider for the exchange of used vehicles and equipments will be inaugurating its 63rd Automall in Dhule, Maharashtra on November 24, 2016. The Automall will be SAMIL’s 12th facility in the west zone and will aim to satisfy the demand of pre-owned vehicles and equipments through an organized medium.

The Automall is strategically located at the most prime location near Dhule Palesner Toll Plaza, Vill- Sarwad and is spread over a sprawling 7 acres of land. People from all across Dhule and nearby locations like Jalgaon, Malegaon and Bhusawal can conveniently visit the Automall and participate in our thrilling bidding events.

Dhule is a state which is witnessing a growing demand for pre-owned vehicles and equipments in the recent past few years; the used agricultural equipment market in particular is the highlight as it has maximum cultivable land and is recognized widely for its production of the purest ‘milk-ghee’. Shriram Automall endeavors to meet the increasing demand of customers in the used vehicles segment through its constant efforts by inaugurating more Automalls in the state.

SAMIL, through its agreements with leading banks and NBFCs, will offer the most extensive line up of all segments including commercial vehicles, construction equipments, agricultural equipments, passenger vehicles, two wheelers and three wheelers. The idea is to provide unparalleled service to its customers for all used vehicles and equipments, providing them access to a wide variety at a single place.

You are all cordially invited to be a part of the grand inauguration ceremony on November 24, 2016, 10:00 am onwards. Come and join us in our most exciting bidding event and get the opportunity to buy the used vehicles of your choice in a most transparent and organized manner.

As part of our expansion plan to inaugurate 75 well structured Automalls by 2020, with the launch of Dhule Automall, which is the 63rd facility of the company, we aim to reach the number well before the set target. With favorable demand of used vehicles and equipments all across the country along with a positive outlook for the coming years, we are hopeful of achieving this new target easily. Our well structured & fair dealing process has been accepted quite well by the customers and we are all set to strengthen their trust yet again through this Automall.