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Shriram Automall - The Winner of 2 Prestigious Awards at BAM 2016.

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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Sun Power to Harvest your Land

As a farmer land is the most important thing that you own in your life and harvesting it in the best way is your primary duty for better income. In today’s world when the industry is moving towards autonomous vehicles, the farm equipment industry is thriving to develop tractors that are powered by electricity.

Developing electric powered tractor is not a concern anymore; however what a major concern is the fact that the batteries used to power these tractors takes significant amount to charge & the time that charge lasts.

Most recently engineers have come up with an effective solution that charges your tractors battery while you are harvesting your land by using the solar power. Using solar power as the fuel to charge your batteries will first result in reducing the cost and second will be loved by environmentalist for reducing the emission rate to a considerable level.

To what extent electric power tractors can be used on a single charge will totally depend on the size of batteries used and their efficiency. It will use the all new lithium-ion batteries that are the same kind that powers your cell phone or laptop. They charge quickly and last longer too.

Highlights of Electric (Solar Powered) Tractor:
  • ·         Silent & Clean Operation
  • ·         Saves money & energy
  • ·         Increased Return Over Investment (ROI)

While such technology may take some time to be handily available for Indian farmers to use, you may still opt for a pre-owned tractor that will help you in taking good care of your land and even harvesting it in the best way in a price that will not even hurt your pockets.

Visit Shriram Automall to choose from a wide range of used tractors and buy them through the process of bidding that guarantees transparency in every deal. 

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Maintenance Tips for Three Wheelers

Three wheelers are an effective mode for transporting goods as well as for carrying passengers. Indian roads have witnessed the increase in number of three wheelers over the years. With more number of companies like Bajaj, TVS Motor, Honda India etc. venturing into this sector, Indian roads is expected to witness significant rise in the three-wheeler sector in coming years. The investment required to possess a three wheeler is quite low. Three wheelers even require low maintenance charge.

To get the best performance out of your three-wheelers, you can follow these maintenance tips. The tips will also increase the life of the three-wheeler.

Check Engine Oil- As you know that three-wheeler engine is largely dependent on engine oil, the level of the same should be checked often to keep it up to the recommended level. In most of the cases, 2T oil is used as engine oil. 2T oil minimizes the fouling of the spark plug and pre-ignition. It also reduces the chance of deposit formation and rusting. But there is a ratio in which it should be mixed with the fuel. For a liter of the fuel, you must not add more than 20 ml of 2T oil.

Drive at Ideal Speed- In order to ensure the longevity of your three-wheeler, it is recommended to drive it on an ideal speed. Three wheelers must be driven at a speed of 35- 40 km/h  . Drive the three-wheeler at lower gear because the engine of the vehicle should be warmed enough before you press the accelerator hard.

Tire Pressure- Regularly check the air pressure of the tires. For better performance and smooth driving of the three-wheelers, the tires of the vehicle must have optimum air pressure. Inadequate air pressure may lead to problems while riding the three-wheeler.

Braking System- Regularly check, braking system of the three-wheelers. The break clearance must be perfect & there should be sufficient braking fluids. Often it is seen that dust is accumulated causing hampering in functions of the brakes.

Acquire your choice of used three-wheeler by connecting with Shriram Automall India Limited, where you can find wide range of used three-wheelers at optimal price. SAMIL’s unique bidding platforms enable customers to acquire and dispose the used vehicles with ease and convenience. Buy or sell any used vehicle or equipment through Online bidding platform, physical bidding platform, one stop kiosks and private treaty platforms.

Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Shriram Automall in association with Claas Harvester  private ltd will be conducting a special bidding event for disposal of unused old agricultural machinery on 26th August 2016 at Attur, Salem, 10:  am onwards.

Bidding event will be conducted at one of the dealer point of CLASS at M/s Salem Automotive Corporation - By Pass main road, Indranagar, Attur (T), Salem (D)-636102. It will facilitate disposal of unused old CLASS Crop Tiger 40 Terra Tac; a multicropcombine harvester.

Features of Crop Tiger 40 Terra Trac include:

  • Easy maneuverability on swampy terrains 
  • Power for more acreage
  • Reduced downtime
  • Offers better comfort
  • Low maintenance cost

Since its launch in India the machine has revolutionized mechanized rice harvesting, this compact and light combine harvester equipped with reliable rubber tracks is ideal for rice paddies. As well as making harvesting quick and easy, the CROP TIGER 40 TERRA TRAC delivers excellent grain quality and negligible losses.

Shriram Automall through its professional services will help CLAAS in disposing its unused old inventory of CROP TIGER 40 TERRA TRAC through the process of bidding. The company along with CLAAS has invited all its valuable customers to take part in the event and take advantage by buying the machines at never before price.

Customers are free to inspect the machines two days before the event at the above mentioned address to make their choice. The event will began at 10:00 am and customers can participate in it by paying a Refundable Security Deposit (RSD) amount of Rs. 50,000 through a Demand Draft.

Shriram Automall will also offer the facility of easy finance through its parent company STFC.

Monday, 22 August 2016



The fact is not unknown that petrol & diesel costs a bomb (surely in India) and are very scarce in nature. As per the latest reports Earth has nearly 1.688 trillion barrels of crude, which will last 53.3 years at current rates of extraction. What will happen when we have exhausted all the reserves of petrol?

Through this blog we try to answer this question that have a huge impact on our future:

Scientists and engineers all over the world are looking for alternate fuel options other than petrol & diesel, and the results are very encouraging, here we present you a list of alternative fuel options available today for your disposal.

Hydrogen – Yes hydrogen as a fuel will very well power your vehicle. Hydrogen can actually fuel two different types of cars: fuel cell vehicles and vehicles that have an internal combustion engine that's been engineered to use hydrogen instead of petrol.

Hydrogen can very well be used to create electricity that in turn can power your vehicles electric engine. So other then electricity, your car batteries can also be powered by hydrogen.

In a hydrogen combustion engine, the car uses an internal combustion engine just like a petrol-powered car, but instead of petrol, hydrogen is the fuel source. Instead of harmful CO2 emissions produced by cars running on petrol, again, hydrogen cars produce only water vapor.

Electricity – Today we hear new of almost all car manufacturers producing electric vehicles in wake of cutting the CO2 emission rate down to a considerably less amount.

With the latest development & entering of a breakthrough companies like Tesla the shortcoming of buying an electric vehicles is now talk of the past. The new batteries (lithium-ion batteries, to be exact) are the same kind that powers your cell phone or laptop. They charge quickly and last longer too.

Biodiesel – Yes you heard it right biodiesel which is made by cooking oil and grease can power any vehicle with diesel engine. In order to power the car, the oil and grease need to be converted into biodiesel through a chemical process.

The process is Do-It-Yourself and is used by a number of biodiesel enthusiasts who like to make the fuel for their car at home. However, there is a little risk involved with the process. If you get it wrong, you could do a lot of damage to your vehicle (not to mention your house and yourself).

Ethanol – Popularity of ethanol as an alternative fuel is on the rise, in fact ethanol is sometimes added to petrol in summers in order to cut emission rate. Ethanol is a type of alcohol that's made from plant matter. In the United States it's commonly made from corn, while in other countries, like Brazil, it's made from sugar cane.

There are a number of manufacturers that offer their cars with flex-fuel engines. These engines can run on either standard gasoline from the pump or E85 ethanol, a fuel blend that's 15 percent gasoline and 85 percent ethanol.

Liquefied Natural Gas – It’s a type of fossil fuel that is found between layers of underground rocks. It is extracted by the similar method of drilling also used to extract petrol. Natural gas is available in abundant and burns cleaner than oil or gasoline. The natural gas that you may use to cook your food and heat your bathwater is natural gas in a very low-pressure form.

In short today surviving in a world without petrol & diesel is possible, thanks to the all new technology and research carried out in labs all over the world. You may choose to power your vehicle by anything but make sure you have understood the process and its consequences whole heartedly.

Meanwhile if you are looking ahead to buy a used car with CNG kit option, you may visit Shriram Automall; the company offers widest range of pre-owned cars at optimal price for its customers.

Friday, 19 August 2016

Private Treaty - Best Deals With Professional Deals


Private Treaty as a platform facilitates negotiated deals for individual & bulk requirement of pre-owned vehicles and equipment. SAMIL offers high-value or bulk asset transaction on this platform and bridge the gap between buyers and sellers with our holistic services. Complete transparency is maintained at every step of the association and all bids are recorded online. Be it a single vehicle or an entire fleet, we ensures a convenient selection and disposal of pre-owned vehicles and equipment. In this ever-evolving age of competition, we gain an edge through our trustworthy relations with our customers.

Understanding the process & how to be benefitted through it:

  • Once a customer approaches SAMIL for the disposal of his pre-owned vehicles or equipment, the same asset is uploaded on the company’s website which observes a great number of visits every day.                                                                                                                             
  •  Based on the pre-owned vehicle and equipment uploaded on the website, a bidder can show       interest by using process and registration form.

  • The prospective bidders need not to get any registration done. They only have to submit             RSD amount of Rs. 19,999 or 10% of the vehicle cost, whichever is higher.                                
  •  Once a quote is approved, the bidder is supposed to fill a Proxy Bid Form.

Customers can easily get In touch with a SAMILIAN to get the best deals out of the box for used trucks and other pre-owned vehicles anywhere in India. Simply explore the range of available options at bids.samil.in & place a proxy bid to win the vehicle in the comfort of your home.

Have a look at other interesting ways to dispose your used truck here - http://shriram-automall.blogspot.in/2015/07/shriram-automall-gives-ultimate.html

SAMIL is a one stop destination for all two wheeler owners where they can dispose their per-owned bikes or scooter & at the same time acquire a used pre-owned car at the best price. It offers the widest & the most extensive line up of pre-owned vehicles & equipments to its customers. It does offer a simple & Do-It-Yourself bidding process where being active is the only way to emerge as a highest bidder. Along with the above mentioned services SAMIL also offers other allied services like new look, refurbishment, parking, documentation etc that makes it a holistic auctioneer for pre-owned vehicles & equipments in India.