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Monday, 27 March 2017

Start making Big-Budget for Car, Motorcycle Insurance from April 1

From April’2017, car, motorcycle and health insurance is going to get costlier, as the insurance regulator IRDAI is going to give “go-ahead” to insurers for revision in commission for agents.

The IRDAI (Payment of Commission or Remuneration or Reward to Insurance Agents and Insurance Intermediaries) Regulations, 2016 will hike premium rates by as much as 40% for 2016-17 which will come into effect from 1st April’2017. For cars below 1,000cc the premium has raised by 40% to Rs 2,055, while for compact or B segment cars (1,000-1,500cc) the increase is 40% to Rs 2,237 & for sedans, the regulator has increased it by 25%.

After the necessary modifications the change in premium is going to be +\-5 % of the existing rates. This increase will work as an addition to the enhanced third party motor insurance rates. These regulations will also bring certain revisions in commission/remuneration rates and will also lead to introduction of the reward system.

According to IRDAI, this can cause insurers to revisit the pricing of their products, as far as the costing input relating to commission or remuneration is concerned. However, change in rates is going to be +\-5 % of the existing rates of products or add-ons.

For the policies already sold, Insurers will have to give the certificate saying “no detrimental change” in premium rates and any other provision of the policy in the policies.

Not just that, it’s now mandatory for used vehicle owners to transfer the insurance policy in their name to claim the insurance against the damaged vehicle. As no owner can now file a claim without the valid insurance transfer in their name.

Claim is only admissible, on the basis of a valid contract between the Insurance company and the new owner and absence of it will make the new owner non admissible to claim for any kind of insurance.

According to the court as well, “an insurance policy is a contract between a policy holder and an insurer and in the absence of the new vehicle owner’s name on the motor insurance policy, there exists no valid contract between him/her and the insurance company. Hence, any accidental damage suffered by the new owner is not admissible under the previous policy.”

Are you as well looking forward to buy a used vehicle and yet desire not to get through the complicated process of transferring previous insurance on your name alone?

You are on the right track then, as there is a company who can assist you and help you in your all types of used vehicle requirements as transferring the insurance policy on your name is quite a hectic process and doing it alone can be further more hectic, but it’s necessary and need to be done. 

Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL), No.1 service provider for Acquisition & Disposal of used vehicles in India, provides you the best quality used vehicles of every make and model in optimal prices, through innovative bidding platforms & also ensures complete transparency while closing the deal.

Company understands that, buying a used vehicle can be a big investment, which needs care and further assistance. So, company with its professional team in 67 Automalls across India, provides full documentation and valuation services to its customers, SAMIL team also assist customers regarding their all types of insurance needs.

To register yourself for acquiring or disposing used vehicles & equipment through a convenient platform you can simply visit your nearby Automall or click the link below and you are all good to go.

Friday, 24 March 2017


Automobile industry today not only thinks about today but also about the future that holds immense possibilities. Possibility of an electric car that will solve the problem of emptying petroleum reserves, fully automatic cars and even flying cars in longer view.

Today we see all the buzz going around autonomous or semi autonomous cars that are already being tested on roads in California and other states and Silicon Valley has taken this challenge head on to built cars that are not only autonomous but safe.

When we talk about autonomous cars, Artificial Intelligence is the first thing that comes to our mind as most of the technology revolves around an effective & efficient AI.

Below are the 4 pillars of AI that are building cars of the future:


Today engineers are working for the possibility to make machines talk to humans, this experience will become easier and smoother with advancements in the technology where machine will understand your likes, dislikes, recognizing your voice to adapt itself as per your requirement and provide desirable experience.


You drive on a number of roads and situations like highways, traffic, dirt roads etc and you may also drive in snowfall & rain, all these situation makes interaction with your car more meaningful. Context also includes sensor reading from the car itself, e.g. fuel level, crash avoidance sensors, or how many people are in the car. These parameters matter for making smart decisions when driving, and are taken into account by the contextual reasoning framework.


This is one of the most crucial aspects of Artificial Intelligence; here the vehicle will automatically load up all your preferences that it has been taking into account over a period of time. The vehicle will recognize you on the basis of voice or account and show result that you can accept or modify.


Knowledge is the gateway of everything; your car will provide you every single detail like you wish to know about the car or about the location that you will be travelling to.

Thursday, 23 March 2017

Is Your Engine Healthy Enough

Be Aware! Keep Your Vehicle Safe & on the Road Longer!

As a basic human nature, we generally don’t realize what we got until it’s gone, try not to make that mistake with your automobile engine. Just like human illness, there are certain symptoms of engine sickness that warrants an engine replacement. But just like humans, sometimes our vehicles just do what they're supposed to do, yet if not well they will show symptoms like show up late, have no energy, can't do what they've always been able to do before or worse, like humans they too call in sick throwing a wrench in the works. 

For your convenience we are herby mentioning those symptoms to you just like family doctor’s tit bits to help you have a vehicle with safe & sound engine.

            1. No change in Diet, No good working for you!

Just like human heart, vehicle’s engine requires healthy food to pump well and work well. Oil is the lifeblood for engines. Not regularly changing it according to the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation will damage it. As it’s important to use the proper oil type, for the engine.

             2Overlook the oil leaks, it will omit your on road needs!

Here we have it, wry and slightly sideways look from our vehicle telling us that it needs a change of heart for its system. If you face heavy oil leaks, the problem is a loss of lubrication to metal parts of the engine, causing internal tolerance wear issues and eventually premature failure.

3Check warning light… Come on?
Warning lights that you should never ignore if you love you owned asset:
  • ·         Check Oil/Oil Level Low
  • ·         Oil Pressure Low
  • ·         Check Engine
Engine damage is likely occurring when these lights come on. A couple of more reasons when these lights blink are change of oxygen sensor or the catalytic converter, and “You would be wise to take your vehicle in for proper diagnosis.
4. Want your vehicle to cool down? It won’t if you will keep ignoring it.
Just like everything else owners, even some repair facilities, don’t recommend cooling system maintenance, unless it gets completely deteriorated while shortening the life of the coolant parts. Being the owner you better not ignore it & maintain you cooling system regularly.

2          5.  Don’t flood your Engine, it needs to breathe as well.
Driving through standing water or even a heavy rainstorm can potentially damage your engine. As the intake manifold supplies the air/fuel mixture to the engine & water intake finds its way to the combustion chamber where the spark plug is, causing engine damage.
3          6. Tea for two on steam from your Engine?
In mood for a cup of Tea? Unfortunately Steam from your engine is not such a good thing & it certainly is not an indication that it might make you a cup of tea. It more likely is telling you that you engine might fall in half as your gasket, radiator or pipes are leaking.

We have played our part while making you aware about what might be going on with your vehicle. Now it’s your turn to stood up for your beloved asset & make it long lasting.

Sameer Malhotra (CEO, Shriram Automall) shared: “Being the CEO, of a pre-owned vehicle & equipment industry, I must tell you that just like our body our vehicles & machinery requires complete care & assistance as well. So, rather than ignoring what your asset is trying to tell you, better start listening to it for smooth on road results.”

It’s not with you, it’s with everybody that we take our automobile symptoms for granted, but if you read this all the way through something is severely wrong with your beloved vehicle which is bothering you. But not to worry when SAMIL is there No.1 Solution provider for all used vehicles & equipment requirements. You can both register yourself through the link below or download My SAMIL APP and go through their allied services in a detailed manner.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017


March 31 2017 the day when BS III compliant vehicles sales is supposed to be stopped all over the country, this will make 9 Lakh BS III compliant vehicles with a value of Rs. 12,000 Crs obsolete in one shot. However a section of industry is keeping its hopes high and believed that the government will move the deadline ahead to lower the loss. According to an order of the Supreme Court-mandated Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA), only BS4-compliant vehicles will be registered in the country from April this year.

While one half of the industry is in support of the mandate other wants the decision to hold until their stock lasts. The main reason of the confusion is said to be the notice shared by road transport and highways ministry which spoke about making BS IV Mandatory from April 2017 but did not mention the discontinuing of BS III vehicles in the country.

While the passenger vehicle segment is happy with the introduction of BS IV but the commercial vehicle & two wheeler segments are the one hit hard where a lot of old-generation stock is lying in the market.

According to industry estimates, nearly 75,000 units of BS3 commercial vehicles will be left unsold at the end of March, leaving a question mark on their usefulness in case registration is not allowed.

Meanwhile to stay away from all the above regulations if you wish to buy pre-owned vehicles with CNG option, you can get in touch with Shriram Automall. The company offers widest range of usedvehicles & equipment under one roof. You can also get take benefit from the finance company offered in assistance with STFC.

For more information about buying  or selling used vehicles and equipments please click here.

Monday, 20 March 2017


India, which is on the verge of emerging the 3rd biggest automobile market in the world is now attracting global companies to drive in and eat the share of pie. Recently KIA, Peugeot & SAIC motors also unveiled their plans to enter the country. In fact as per the recent news KIA is on location hunting process and is likely to finalize Anantpur in Andhra Pradesh as its first plant location and will finalize the deal by February 2017 end.

Recently Toyota Motor president Akio Toyoda and Suzuki Motor chairman Osamu Suzuki had a meeting with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to apprise him about their recent tie up in Japan and its implications in India.

India is critical for the Japanese parent with 50% of global sales coming from the country, said Maruti Suzuki chairman RC Bhargava. So whatever technology it gets from Toyota will surely be deployed in India, he said   

Not only Toyota & Sukuzi, a number of global bosses are visiting the country to get the hang of market scenario.

Skoda Auto's global CEO Bernhard Maier made a trip soon after taking over. General Motors CEO Mary Barra visited twice in less than a year to restructure local operations and devise a long-term strategy.

Ford Motor executive chairman Bill Ford visited late last year to inaugurate the New Product Development Centre that will create the foundation for India products. Hyundai Motor chairman Chung Mong-Koo is also expected to visit soon to announce the launch of the Kia brand in India.

The Indian automotive industry broke into the top three in 2016, according to rating agency CARE. 

With the passenger vehicle market set to cross the 3 million mark by the end of 2017, India is seen as a future growth centre by all manufacturers. According to IHS Market Automotive, India is expected to be among the fastest-growing markets in the coming five years besides which local regulations are also getting harmonised with global standards.