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Friday, 21 April 2017

We're Hiring

Here we have come again with some job openings for the multiple profiles. If you feel you can pick up the challenge that excites you most then please share your updated resume at hr@samil.in.

SAMIL DESKTOP BIDDING- Facility Instills Trust & Credibility

SAMIL (Shriram Automall), No.1 Service Provider of Used Vehicles & Equipments is best known for its uncommon result oriented services, which deliver customers the best experience of all time.

While realizing the upcoming customer needs, company tries to be one step ahead with the solution to fulfill them. Every innovative bidding platform & allied service work as a resource for the customers who are interested in acquiring or disposing used vehicle & equipment. With huge established Automalls unfurled in every corner of the country, company successfully manages a large inventory filled with pre-owned vehicles & inventory of every make & model, while reaching out to the maximum customer base nationally.

Company realized in today’s fast running world everybody is thinking innovative, as innovation is the new cool; everybody wants easy access to things they desire. While giving that access to its valuable customers SAMIL has brought DESKTOP BIIDING facility, where interested customers at their convenience can go through company’s vast inventory & place the bid on their desired vehicle during live bidding through their desktops.

Within a fraction of time, company’s LIVE BIDDING facility creates a “gut feeling” which helps customers realize that all company’s services are allied to boost both their business & customer experience.

Being a leading used automobile company, it realizes that vehicle buying can be a highly emotional process. As it could be the biggest investment or a purchase a customer might make in his/her life which can be both exciting & nerve wrecking. That’s why company has created the facility which is not only user friendly but also detailed, as customers can learn all about the company & other services that they want to know.  Customers can also go through the detailed schedule of upcoming live bidding events.

The facility instills trust & credibility in all forms. As facility initiated to bring the power to participate, in company’s live bidding events from the desktop simply with just one click.

All customer have to do is register him/herself and pay RSD Amount Online (Refundable Security Deposit). After which customer through his/her desktop can efficiently bid on the desired used vehicle of their choice. As complete transparency is maintained while closing the deal through every bidding platform that company offers, customer can hear him/herself carefully to the live bidding process to experience complete transparency. 

If you as well is looking to acquire a pre-owned vehicle or equipment you can visit SAMIL’s website through the given link & experience DESKTOP BIDDING FACILITY or you can download “MY SAMILAPP” and place the bid through it. 

Wednesday, 19 April 2017

Developing Scrappage Eco-system in India

Indian government while actively tracking development in automotive space, has introduces quite many new rules and advance technology processes to improve vehicle quality making them both road worthy & less polluting.

It is understood that, scrapping a vehicle involves not only shredding of parts but also setting up a mechanism that can, in an environmental-friendly manner, dispose of the scrap which includes segregation of metals, non-metals, rubber, and other materials.

Each one of these materials undergoes predefined recycle method, which implies that Scrappage policy can only be implemented only after setting up an eco-system wherein polluting and old vehicles can be duly collected and transferred to authorized dismantling facilities. These facilities would then safely and environment-friendly dispose the old scrap, recovering the reusable metals and materials that can go back into the production-cycle, which will also relieve India of unnecessary imports.

This Voluntary Vehicle Modernization Programme (V-VMP) or the Scrappage programme announced by the transport ministry can boost Commercial Vehicle (CV) sales by a cumulative 65 per cent between fiscals 2018 and 2020.

"The V-VMP scheme can also lead to incremental sales of 4.4lakh CVs (primarily MHCVs) worth Rs 66,000crore, a cumulative growth of 65 per cent during this three-year period". -Crisil Report.

If this scheme gets implemented which most probably will, over 2lakh CVs would get scrapped and replaced in the normal course through the three fiscals, given the current junking rate of around 67,000 units annually. Therefore the total vehicles opting for the scheme will be 6.4lakh.

Sales of medium and heavy trucks will face the increment of over 85% because of their lifespan of 20 years. But, pick-ups, upper light CVs and MHCV buses, which have a lower lifespan of 15-17 years, will have a smaller share in vehicles being scrapped.

 Government will also consider the fact that Transporters scrapping old CVs will not be the buyers of new CVs, since their business is viable using only an older truck. Considering this government may provide a cash discount to those who will be junking old vehicles or make the V-VMP incentive certificate issued to transporters tradable.

A cap on the engine cubic capacity stating the difference between scrapped and new CVs bought under the scheme will be considered by the Government.  Alternatively, the government may provide different incentives, based on engine cc of new CVs bought versus that of the old one scrapped or offer lower benefit for higher differential in engine cc.

Government is efficiently taking all the steps to make today a better tomorrow. SAMIL as a whole with its core values will play its part while providing used vehicles under these schemes to its customers in good quality, that too at minimal prices.  To register all you have to do is click the link below. 


With the growing demand of commercial vehicles in India, we can consider that commercial vehicles (CV) play quite a vital role in growth of Indian Economy. Rules & laws do play an important role in their growth, but not that much as no matter what, commercial vehicles are going to be in demand for import and export purposes, as they are the best choice in disguise for transportation especially in areas where no other mode of transport could easily reach.

Because of the important role that, commercial vehicles play in Indian Economy, government can never put them off roads, though CV also plays the major role in air pollution. So, government has made it mandatory for all Automobiles including Commercial Vehicles of all types i.e. small, medium and heavy to be BS-IV compliant from April’2017 in India which will specify a certain limit on the pollutants released.

Engine of a commercial vehicle in layman’s term is synonymous to that of the human heart. So, it needs to be healthy and fit, so that it could work wonders for the rest of the body. But due to the peak load & base load, engine of a commercial vehicle becomes the most abused part of the vehicle body.

Therefore, engine has become the part, which since its existence has kept designers, manufacturers, integrators and testers busy, so that they could help this specific part to develop with time & speed. However, Modern diesel engines are lighter and more powerful, fuel efficient and environment-friendly.

Still with BS-IV coming in, there are two proven approaches to gear up for the change of CV. They are:

  • Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) after-treatment approach
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) with diesel oxidation catalyst or open filter

To keep the engine affordable, components are to be kept simple. Further complexity comes into play with the combustion chamber and maintenance of temperatures, charge cycles and electrification.

But BS-IV, being mandatory for CV vehicles will turn out to be a game changer as it will both increase its on road worth & will also make it last long with benefits like reduction in fuel consumption and more mileage.

Sameer Malhotra (CEO, Shriram Automall) said: “Commercial Vehicles being an important automobile invention play an important part in all the efficient segments in India i.e. construction, agriculture, import-export etc. Government has taken an effective step by updating them to BS-IV emission norms, which will increase both their engines life & worth”

Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL) being the no.1 service provider of used vehicles & equipment has updated their vast inventories with used vehicles & equipments of every make & model compliant with current emission norms.

If you as well are looking forward to acquire or dispose used vehicle & equipment, you can visit your nearby Automall and go through their efficiently vast inventory.  You can also download “MY SAMIL App” and easily go through the huge range of used vehicles & equipment at your comfort or you can simply click the link below & register yourself.
Link -  https://goo.gl/TIwtuP

Monday, 17 April 2017

Cabinet approves MoU between India and Australia on cooperation to establish Centre of Excellence in Smart Transportation Technology

Image Source - http://www.ceec.uitp.org

To increase the quality of life, last Monday i.e. 10th April’2017, The Union Cabinet chaired by Prime Minister Narendra Modi signed six memorandums of understanding (MoUs).

These MoUs and agreements are signed in the areas of Security, Environment, Sports, Science, Technology and Health, while keeping in mind the purpose between the two countries, i.e. to provide technologically safe and healthy environment to its people.

As per one of the MoUs signed, two countries will adopt smart transportation; in which Indian Academy of Highway Engineers (IAHE) with University of New South Wales (UNSW) agreed to establish a Centre of Excellence in Smart Transportation Technology.

This MoU is in line with the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway’s vision to influence and adopt global innovation into the transportation sector, which will accelerate the evaluation and adoption of new transportation technologies in India and Australia.

For smart cities, this memorandum will focus to conduct research, development and training in the areas of transport system modeling and data.

Government is taking all the essentially efficient steps to make Indian Automotive sector both smart, technological & advance, thereby boosting it to grow even further. This Centre of Excellence in Smart Transportation Technology is going to be the world’s first transportation centre involving two countries committed to see technological innovation for economic development through improved safety and reduced congestion.

Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL), No.1 service provider of used vehicles and equipment in India, since its inception, while playing its part in National Development, look forward to grow across the country sustainably. Company very effectively, while keeping itself aligned with all the newly amended transportation rules and regulations provide multiple transparent platforms to Acquire or Dispose Used Vehicles & Equipment in the country.

Now with, Centre of Excellence in Smart Transportation Technology coming, company being the resource focuses to offer used vehicles at optimal prices for research purposes.

Government is playing its part, you play yours and buy used vehicles or e-vehicles complied with latest emission norms, for better tomorrow. Visit your nearby Automall today to Acquire or Dispose used vehicles or equipment or click the link below for easy, convenient registration.