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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Government urge to open authorized automated fitness stations by october 2018 to examine vehicles

Indian automobile industry is one of the key drivers of Indian economy. Since liberalization in 1991 industry has come a long way producing different types of vehicles broadly classified into passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles.

Sector is boosting the Indian economy by improving productivity and creating employment opportunities which is great, but on the other hand, out of many reasons automobile sector has become one of the main reasons of air pollution. As many petrol passenger vehicles has been converted to diesel versions which are much more polluting as it gives more mileage and comes cheap.

Among the 20 most polluted cities out of which 13 are in India, Delhi topped the list.
– said WHO (World Health Organization)

While planning to take a stand government has decided to open the authorized automated fitness stations in India by 1st October’2018.

Government is planning to face the problem at hand by verifying both transport and non-transport vehicles in a planned automated way in near future, as according to IFTRT (Indian Foundation of Transport Research and Training) government should focus on road worthiness of vehicles rather than on vehicle scrappage.

Apart from these, the country is planning to be strict on real driving emission tests of new vehicles. As they plan to fix the vehicular pollution by giving CoP (Confirmation of Product) only to those who confirm the requisition tests through automated procedures. This will stop unsafe vehicles from coming on roads and will also stop human interference like motor vehicle inspectors etc. in testing procedures which will stop easy money.

Some states are not yet ready to acknowledge the new scheme, till then idea has been deferred so that states could make up their mind about adequate number of stations in the country.

On the topic Sameer Malhotra (CEO, Shriram Automall ) said “ I am glad that government is so keen about making the country pollution free, and as a capable citizens of the country, we at Shriram Automall would love to play the role in same by accepting and committing to the new schemes and stations in the country.”

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Shriram Automall to Inaugurate Its 65th Automall Facility in Agra on 25th Feb 2017

Shriram Automall India Limited (SAMIL), India’s Largest Service Provider for Exchange of Pre-owned Vehicles & Equipment, will inaugurate its 66th Fantastic Automall facility in Agra. The Automall is the 4th facility in the Uttar Pradesh State and is in line with the aggressive expansion plans of the company. Spread across a sprawling 4.6 acres of land the Automall will aim to satisfy the demand of pre-owned vehicles and equipment through an organized medium.

Company aims to catch the eye as well as heart of its customers by inaugurating yet another Automall in Agra, which makes total of ‘66 Shriram Automalls’ unfurled in every nook and corner of the country. Widespread of the company focuses on bringing both sellers and buyers at one place at one time by helping transporters, contractors, dealers, manufacturers, individual buyers etc. attain the unimaginable results through their highly recommended services.

Uttar Pradesh is a state that receives major demand of pre-owned vehicles and equipment and Shriram Automall through its constant efforts aims to satisfy the ever growing demand by inaugurating more Automalls in the state.

Commercial Vehicles and Passenger vehicles form the majority of demand and SAMIL through its agreements with leading banks and NBFCs will offer the most extensive line up of all segments including commercial vehicles, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, passenger vehicle, two wheeler and three wheelers.

You are invited to be a part of the grand inauguration ceremony on 25th February 2017, 10:00 am onwards. Take part in our most exciting bidding event and buy the used vehicle you desire in the most transparent and organized manner. On the same day the company will also mark its completion of 6 glorious years.

As a part of our expansion plan to inaugurate 75 well structured Automalls by 2020, with the launch of Indore Automall, which is the 65th facility of the company we aim to reach the number before the target set. With favorable demand of used vehicles and equipment across the country along with a positive outlook for the coming years we are hopeful of achieving this new target easily. Our organized & transparent process has been accepted very well by the customers and we are all set to strengthen their trust through this Automall. 

Thursday, 16 February 2017


Due to modifications in the infrastructure, construction and mining sector in India, construction equipment segment has become one of the fastest growing segments of automobile industry in India.

India’s infrastructure industry has the highest and biggest potential for growth providing opportunities for investment and with more players entering the aggregate industry we can see the appraisal of construction equipments segment even further.

With the increasing demand for the construction equipment SAMIL has become the no.1 solution provider for both public and private enterprises as demand of these equipment are highly lead by the enterprises investing in areas like road construction, and maintenance, ports, power plants, telecommunication sector, urban infrastructural development etc.

Today, the road constructionequipment market involves demand of 2500 machines per year and this demand is currently growing by 5% to 7% and in spite of having many players in the market who are dealing in the same segment. Shriram Automall has become the largest player and first choice of the market through their huge inventory providing number of used equipment in good quality and at optimal price.

Company manages to reduce the equipment budget by providing good quality pre-owned equipment at optimal rates to the enterprises in a structured regulatory way while paving the way for them to clear the challenges they face which lead to delay in their projects i.e. no availability of the needed equipment or delay in delivery of the constructionequipment. SAMIL provides them the insight to make the complete process both easy and accessible for their customers through their online and physical bidding platforms.

 In a very short span of time company has grown to be the most trusted one through their hard work and commendable services providing uncommon results and solutions to help the issue at hand.

If you are looking to deal in buying or selling used construction equipment as well than SAMIL is the best answer to your where to go question as their one stop inventory provides you with everything you need at your convenience.

All you have to do to experience their easily accessible services is to click the link below and register yourself.

Don’t hesitate, just ACCELERATE!

Two-wheeler segment is leading the Indian auto industry with increasing number of young owners.
Today’s self efficient generation wants to drive the world on their own and having their own transport seems to give them ticket to their choice of life. As a beginner, young generation craves to be the owner of their own two-wheeler in a smart way i.e. they look forward to start their journey with a used vehicle rather than buying a new one.

Being the easiest way of transportation, demand of used two-wheelers has been witnessing a speedy growth. With such a vast demand, many players entered the market with an unorganized approach in dealing used two-wheelers.

But, SAMIL being the no.1 service provider to acquire and dispose pre-owned vehicles and equipment has become the first choice of customers all over India.
Company provides market an innovative approach while making their experience of both buying and selling easy.

Customers here are free to inspect the vast inventory stuffed with latest & exclusive range of pre-owned two wheelers. Company has made their Automalls OneStop solution to customers all over India by establishing 65 of them in every nook and corner of the country serving thousands of people.
From many established dealers SAMIL still came on the top through their other allied services and transparent idealistic bidding platforms which makes process of buying and selling used vehicles accessible for customers at their convenience.

By providing complete transparency and wide range of used two wheelers company has turned many youngsters in its direction. As it provides the used vehicle with complete documents and refurbishment facilities and also provides the ‘valuation’ facility for the customers looking forward to learn true worth of their vehicle on road while selling it so that they don’t face the loss.

So, if you are looking forward to start you journey or change your journey by acquiring a used two-wheeler or disposing it, SAMIL is the best choice to make all you have to do is click the given link and you are all set to go.

Wednesday, 15 February 2017



As a marketer, SHRIRAM AUTOMALL look forward to change the mantra from always be closing to always be ‘Helping’. As their team look forward to find services for their customers rather than finding customers for their services.

And that’s how their diversified services found me.

I am Sandeep Kumar (28). I joined my family business of tour & travels 2 yrs back. I grew up watching my father getting worried about his vehicles on road, their maintenance and not just that while selling or buying the pre-owned vehicles I found him unsure and worried about their true value. But the main problem was to find ways to finance vehicles and then taking care of their insurance. And after all this what always topped the list of his complications was the parking difficulties he faced.

But thanks to SHRIRAM AUTOMALL who made his business easy for me as it provided me with the solutions of all the above problems at OneStop. Not only they made my life easy by making my problems theirs, but also provided me quality services at reasonable prices.

They not only made buying and selling of pre-owned vehicles easy for me through their different unique bidding platforms but also helped me in negotiating deals with complete transparency and provided me services for my vehicles in long run.

The value of an idea lies in implementing it, so if you are facing the same problems go for the services we always thought of having. As Shriram Automall is the solution to all your problems and here is the list of services they provide to keep you out of your misery.

1.    Refurbishment By New Look: Here at the Automall they provide you with the services where through efficient repairing process they enhances the probability of disposing pre-owned vehicles. Not just that new look service quality is ISO 9001-2008 certified.

2.    Valuation: SAMIL is best known for providing quality vehicles and equipment at optimum price. And they want nothing but the customers to get the real market price of their assets about which they can learn about from their professionals and experts.

3.    Easy Finance: Through its parent company STFC (Shriram Transport Finance Company) SAMIL provides finance to their valuable end users. They even provide low EMI’s, up to 100% finance on the bidding events.

4.    General Insurance: SAMIL provides complete assistance to customers by providing them complete insurance under which offering them full coverage against damage or loss of vehicles/assets selected through their Physical/Online bidding events.

5.    Parking Facility: This is just like every other efficient service SAMIL offers to their customers while giving them surety of safe and guarded security of their valuable assets parked in 70 strategic locations in 30 acres of land.

6.    Documentation:  Being the no.1 provider and a well known service provider SAMIL allot their customers with complete paper work and certification for the vehicles and equipment displayed at SAMIL’s bidding events. Documents are arranged by Automall Documentation Team which liaisons with RTO offices across India.

So, if you are looking forward to get more than expected quality of services and experience. Here is where you should stop looking because now all you have to do is click the given link: http://bit.ly/2kqM0Ro
and let SAMIL’s team do what they do best and that’s providing solutions to people like you and me.

Know More http://bit.ly/2krNGa5